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Social media not the sure bet it once was

Remember just a few years ago, when “everyone” seemingly was on Facebook and if you weren’t, you seemed to be missing the party of the year.

My how times have changed.

According to Entrepreneur.com, “People are getting tired of overshares, being contacted by people they don’t want to talk to and constantly being hit with other people’s thoughts. With more than 1 billion tweets sent every 48 hours, it’s no wonder users are suffering from content overload, according to this infographic by mobile discovery startup Delvv.”

With 1 in 5 Americans regretting at least one tweet, comment or text they send each month, it’s no wonder people are taking breaks from social media. (Especially this time of year, with 48% of Protestants, and 31% of Christians shunning technology for Lent .)

Click to view the full-size infographic, courtesy of Entrepreneur.com:

Getting Bored With Social Media? You're Not Alone.